Who We Are. What We Do.

OHG Designs is a full-service life style design company that specializes in delivering beautifully styled spaces and lives. We combine classic sophisticated style with a funky eclectically modern sensibilities. Design is the language we use to tell stories that speaks to our clients needs and desires.  Our work reflects the stories our clients have chosen to tell about how they live.

We love helping people tell their stories through our creative designs. In order to deliver a highly personalized and fun design experience our process is one of total collaboration with our client. We deliver this experience through space planning, furniture sourcing, art sourcing, window treatments, customized finishes, purchasing, vendor and budget management.

Life Designed Outside The Lines

Veronica is a curator of  Life.Styled.  As an Interior Decorator, Lifestyle Designer and Image + Style Consultant she believes design has the power to transform lives.  Her work ethic and fearless spirit can be attributed to her Grandmother who raised her.

Known for her funky infusion of the unexpected with timeless classic style, she creates bold style stories in fashion, interiors and events. She possesses an impeccable eye for detail and an innate ability to connect with the shifting ethos of our culture.



Veronica Lifestyle Guru

Veronica has quickly become one of Philadelphia's hottest new Interior Decorators, Lifestyle Designers and Style Influencer. She has positioned OHG Designs as a Lifestyle Brand Company where she can deliver a "whole- life" design experience. Her role as an innovative designer who recognized the importance of designing from the insideout has set her apart from traditional interior design firms. 

" I am living proof that Interior and Lifestyle Design has the power to transform lives." 

~ Veronica

She's currently engaged as an Design Consultant on the largest Commercial Development Project in Philadelphia's history. Additionally she has recently brought her expertise as a Design Consultant to  a large scale public space spearheaded by one of the largest design firms in the country.


Veronica's passion for interior design and fashion has also allowed for the expansion of her business through the creation of OHGStyles! She provides Image + Style Consulting under the umbrella of this line. OHGStyles! Brand Image and Style Solutions work includes Editorial, Network, Runway, Advertising and Personal clients