• Veronica May


I think everyone has a bit of a bold streak within them. The only difference is how and where we choose to display/manifest it. My definition of bold is a bit more expansive based on how we traditionally define bold styling elements within the context of design. Sure, an unexpected pop of color, unorthodox use of materials, eclectic mix of design styles and periods can be considered as bold styling element in their wise use and application. I however would go a step further because I define bold style as a refusal to conform to the status quo. Bold elements and style shouldn't only be defined by the obvious. Bold style whether in interior design, fashion or art is really a subjective thing. What I consider as bold could be seen as very mundane to someone else. Bold styling elements doesn't have to be loud. Bold styling elements can also be quiet, minimal and unobtrusive. I encourage my clients to own their individuality as it relates to defining what boldness means to them. In the end, it is their story I am happily telling.

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