• Veronica May


There's a not so fun/glamorous side of the design process. As a Designer I always consider the overall process that will take place prior to design implementation. In fact there are several processes that must occur once my services have been engaged. It sort of looks like several small tributaries merging into a larger river. If I hope to be an effective designer I must remain cognizant of all processes and how they

can inveitably affect my client and any other parties involved with the final exceution of agreed upon services. This can be challenging during a time when our increasingly impatient nature tends to equate process with delay or an uneccesary obstacle that impedes progress. I am guilty on several counts from this line of thought. I however was forced to revisit this matter after hearing a friend recently make a simple yet powerful point about understanding the neccessity of process. They went on to say that we miss the boat on being truly effective because we don't invest in the process. I like to think of it as the backside of the desert work. It ain't fun but it is very neccessary! I recognized a sobering truth about myself, I judged others for wearing the same cloak that I myself donned on a daily basis. The truth of the matter is this, you can't build, design, create anything without process. The sooner we embrace this truth and start to invest time after the lights go down and crowds disapate we can design the kind of lives we've only dreamed of.

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