• Veronica May

A New Year Resolution Hack

Can you believe it? We are just hours before the New Year arrives! If you're anything like me, you have composed a list of your annual New Year's Resolutions. Exercise more, eat healthier, learn a new language or volunteering more of your time helping & serving others. Sounds familiar right? Yes, I know - I'm there with you. We start off with such great intentions don't we? Our hearts and minds are in the right place, we're all just striving to be better versions of ourselves. Studies have shown that most people fall short of keeping their resolutions for any sustained period of time. Forty-five to sixty days is an average maximum amount of time that we stay actively committed to NYR goals. Despite those odds, I have decided to add to my list this year. Hear me out, there is a method to my madness!!!! I have added smaller easier achievable resolutions to my 2018 list. I think this may be a brilliant NYR hack to staying encouraged and motivated in achieving my larger goals. Who doesn't enjoy the exquisite feeling of accomplishment when checking things off a to do list? NYR's are about people attempting to live better and do better. If you haven't been able to execute on this yearly list thus far, lets try conquering it by inches, yards, then miles. I think each step we take will get us closer to achieving those larger goals. Check out a few of my smaller NYR additions below. I hope it sparks a few ideas for smaller NYR additions to your list! Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

~ Veronica

1. Clean cosmetic brushes & cosmetic drawer

2. Organzie Closet - Set aside donations

3. Go through and clean up emails

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