• Veronica May


Whether it’s a change of a dress, hairstyle or paint color, change can be quite difficult for some of us. We're built to easily become acclimated to the familiarity found in routine. It's perfectly normal to desire the intentional and unintentional no

rms we create. Our proclivity towards the familiar doesn't make us "less than" the adrenaline junkie or those of us that happen to be hardwired to seek out change like a magnet. As someone who wears multiple professional hats, I've found there's one common obstacle I face in each area of my business. The obstacle I face has to do with challenging an individual's norms. It doesn't matter if I'm wearing my Interior Decorator hat, providing Image Consulting or Lifestyle Design Services, I inevitably find myself having the same conversation with many of my clients. They like the idea of change but once confronted with the realities associated with change, their steadfast resolve gets rattled. Our minds tend to make the transition to change before our hearts/emotions. On an intellectual level our minds are equipped to make a leap based on the assessment of data gathering. Our emotions doesn't lean on data analysis; it bases its conclusions on feelings. While the mind is saying allons-y, (French word for let's go) our hearts/emotions tend to be several pages behind in the book. Change is a process. It doesn't matter if you're thinking about undertaking that kitchen renovation, changing your diet or running a triathlon, doing something outside of your standard norms will bring you face to face with internal resistance. It's important that you understand that it's totally normal to encounter moments of hesitancy. Those moments of uneasiness and/or doubt are all part of change!

~ Veronica : *

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