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"I have five big, I'm talking HUMONGOUS tips that will take Studio Apartment Living from crazy cramped to cozy comfortable by following these simple decorating ideas below". ~Veronica xo

1.You gotta lighten and brighten that bad boy up!

I know those small dark spaces can look dramatic, when in doubt, always work to lighten and brighten your small studio. Making it brighter will make it feel bigger. So clean windows and take away any items that might be obscuring natural light. Lighten with paint colors and materials choices. Add light where it's needed.

If you're fortunate to get really good natural light, don't cover it with stuffy/heavy window treatments! Not trying to go all Biblical on you, but it must be said - "let there be light"!

2. Enclose your bed

If you don't have a separate bedroom space, try draping curtains around your bed to create a private bed nook. Anything you can do to set your bed apart from the rest of your studio apartment will make the whole space feel less like you're living in just one room. Whatever you need to do to create a "stop do not proceed beyond this point effect"...unless invited of course! LOL

When using drapery to create room deliniation - go with a sheer fabric where

light can still pass through yet still creates a sense of privacy.

3. Use big furniture

Now I know this may sound counter intuitive but I recommend that you go big with your furniture selection. You will naturally feel inclined to go with small scale pieces but I say "go big baby or go home". Don't shy away from big furniture. Small furniture sprinkled around your studio will make it feel cluttered and busy. A few smartly chosen larger pieces could make your studio feel even bigger and airier.

Big furniture in a small space can give it a decadently comfortable vibe.

4. Hang & Store it in plain sight

Don't let wall and ceiling space go to waste. Use your walls to add hooks or pegs so you can hang functional items as well as decor. And use your ceiling to hang things like pot racks or storage netting to gain even more storage space.

The key is to find multi purpose use for everything you select to create your space.

Storage, display and a room divider? SCORE!!!! : )))

5. Use smoke n' mirrors

Use mirrors on the walls or leaning on the floor to reflect natural light and bounce it around a small space, making it feel larger. But also consider choosing mirrored furniture, as well. Not only will it also reflect light, like clear furniture, mirrored furniture helps cut down on the feeling of bulky furniture.

A well positioned mirror will create the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is!

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