• Veronica May


DISCLAIMER: This post is not about Keenan Ivory Wayans brilliant sitcom that entertained millions for five gut busting seasons, lol. I am defining In Living Color within the context of this article as a way I've chosen to live my life. As a creative person, I tend to view things through that lens. I find myself always identifying the parallel connection between the creation process and how to deal with life's ups and downs. What "in living color" means to me is trying to live a life in fullness at all times. Do I reach that goal every moment of every day? Absolutely not! Do I try to work on this "area of improvement" much like my six pack deficient abs? HELL YES! In living color means I am trusting myself enough to make decisions that I believe are best for me and those who have graciously deposited good seed into my life. Living life in color means refusing to allow the opinion of others to influence what crayon I choose to use to color my sun, my sky, my moon and my stars. Designing and creating a life in living color means understanding, honoring and loving what you are and all of your beautiful eccentricities. To live in color is deciding to live life boldly and in technicolor like a 1940's movie musical. You can be sure that life will generously hand you plenty of days that are painted in the greyest tones with more than a few feeling like an unfiltered noir. The dark and/or grey days are inevitable but even in that you can choose to add color by way of your attitude and response. I do not achieve the state of living in color as defined here all of the time...but I do try!

: ) Veronica

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