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A Backyard Styled For Entertaining

Today is the first official day of "let's break out the patio furniture and move the party outdoors season." If you're anything like many of my friends and clients there's quite a bit you need to do before you throw that first outdoor soiree. As Philadelphia's own Lifestyle Guru, I want to provide you with a few quick budget friendly tips to update your outdoor living space to kick the party season off right!

I'm So Lit

I'm sooo lit is what your space should be saying to your guests. Lighting is super duper important and sets the mood. The right lighting provides a greater sense of intimacy in your space. A current OHG Designs Outdoor Project has expanded our knowledge of the products currently available on the market.

There are a plethora of lighting options to suit just about any space design. I suggest you look for umbrellas with built-in string lights for an easy and quick upgrade, or hang extra-large solar paper lanterns above a conversation area for a fun and simple focal point.

The Green Life

Update your plant collection with pedestals and garden stools to create different heights. Start with tall plants then use the pedestal and garden stool for mid-size plants and, last but not least, place plants that ‘spill’ over the edge of the pot on the floor.

Mix It Up

In the area where you entertain, make it welcoming by layering in different textures. Mix and match your seating. A light blanket and pillows adds softness while brass lanterns and mirrored trays delivers an elegant nuance.

A Party Ain't A Party... (Haha)

If you don't have one, I highly recommend you purchase an outdoor bar cart. A rolling bar cart (preferably) is the perfect way to prep your food for the grill or transport food and beverages out to your guests.

Small Space? Go Vertical!

Don’t forget your walls! Add a vertical herb garden or small potted plants for a touch of greenery.

If your outdoor area is small, you can use the walls to hang foldable tables and chairs for additional storage space, too. Add some outdoor artwork on the walls to create a homey ambiance.

That Wow Factor

Why not add an outdoor fireplace to your space? A year round outdoor fireplace will add a wow factor. Picture your guests gathered around the fireplace as coocktails flow while roasting marshmellows. Great conversation, a nice drink flow and a roaring fireplace will create a relaxing atmosphere for your next outdoor summer soiree!

I'm looking forward to the influx of evites to start pouring in now! ; )))


Veronica Lifestyle Guru

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