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3 THE EASY WAY: How to pick the right sofa for your space.

There are at least 3 important factors I want you to consider before your next sofa purchase. As a designer I understand how your upholstery selection can dramatically impact how one feels in a space. The wrong choice can make the space feel smaller than it really is. When a space is filled with oversized furniture it tends to make the people in it feel cramped and uncomfortable. The close quarters feeling is only magnified when you bravely decide to entertain in the space! The polar opposite of that problem is going too small with your sofa selection. A living room is just that, a place where we live out our lives. It doesn't matter if its formal or informal, you want to create a sense of intimacy when people are engaging the space. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people make the wrong selection because they were strictly focused on the one-two factor, i.e. budget & looks. Although both of these things should be considered in your decision making process, I strongly recommend you consider the three factors I've provided below.

A Numbers Game: Numbers as in measurement numbers! This is a room deal breaker folks. What are your room's dimensions? Even if you aren't able to translate the size of your space to the sofa scale you'll need, someone at your local furniture store should be able to suggest what will work best in the room. You can also cut a template from brown paper in the size of the sofa you're interested in - place that on the floor in your space to see if it will work. (Oh hey, don't forget to measure doorways, and elevators - and any opening your sofa need to safely enter).

USE: How will you live in the space? Is this a formal or informal living room? Will you be lounging with family and friends or holding formal gatherings and events? Who will be using the space on a daily basis? Large family? Children? If your living room and your sofa will be used in a space intended for rest and relaxation - you may want to go with upholstery that requires low maintenance. Cookie crumbs and tufting can get really old really quickly- hahaha.

STYLE|COMFORT: If comfort is important to you and you envision future napping sessions, I recommend going about 40" deep and minimally about 60'' long if your space allows for it. When choosing the comfy route, I typically recommend a 2-3-cushion seat and back. If you are seeking a more formal vibe, you'll want to go with a more shallow depth. Tufting, bench seating and high backs is more aligned with a formal aesthetic.

Outside of your bed, a sofa is the largest upholstered piece you will purchase for your home. A sofa serves as the anchor for your living room. It doesn't matter where a sofa is placed in a space, it beckons you to where ever it is. I believe it’s important that you're armed with the information needed to make the right decision. After all, this is a decision, which can impact the quality of living in your home.

Ready. Set. Shop!


Veronica Lifestyle Guru

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