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As I plan for a very busy fall season, I was reviewing some of the projects I've had the good fortune to work on over the past nine months. I thought I would share a few highlights here and ask you readers what project or life decision have you been putting off for the elusive "perfect time?"

For the past year I've created some really cool design stories that included a mix of where my clients have been, what's most important to them and where they're headed. Yes, believe it or not I am in the business of telling stories. Each piece of furniture, art, color and texture that are selected represents an open dialogue. The telling and sharing of these stories through interior design is serious business. It requires a significant emotional and financial investment by an individual.

My work doesn't begin and end with the room space itself. My work begins with the space in my client's head. They are in a constant struggle going back and forth within themselves. "Do I really need this?" "Am I being frivilous?" "Perhaps I should save what I'm investing in this project and just make do with what I have now." It's there when I begin to explain that their decision to embark on this project could be attributed to a reflection of how important YOU are to YOU. What holds great value in your life? Does your home and how you feel in your space warrant the highest of value? You see, I told you interior design is serious business!

So, I ask you readers once again..."what project or life decision have you been putting off for the elusive perfect time?" Your home, your work space should be an extension of who you are and what you value. Are they reflecting the best of you? When will you finally understand that you can live BIG. You deserve to live BIG and the only way you'll know it is possible is to just start living BIG! Don't allow PEOPLE, SPACES or THINGS to convince you otherwise.

I so look forward to hearing what you've been putting off for the "perfect time!"


~Veronica Lifestyle Guru

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