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I begin this article in full transparency. I need to disclose the following facts, my name is Veronica and I use filters. I freely admit that I've used photo shop and filters for personal and professional images. Candidly speaking, I am not a stranger to the proliferation of fairytale perfection in a digitally enhanced culture. There are billion dollar industries that rely on the illusion of perfection. They've convinced us that we should aspire to this illusion knowing you will never achieve it but you will spend money trying. Artist and Noble Peace Prize winner Kendrick Lamar rapped about a culture of Photoshop and filters in his 2017 release entitled "Humble." Either by omission or commission I believe most of us have participated on some level in the selling and consumption of this non-reality. We've been conspirators towards the toxicity of our digitally manufactured culture. I know, it all seem very innocent at first glance and based on intention and purpose I believe it can be. I am however concerned that as we tend to do with most things, we've taken it to the extremes.

Our extremist behavior has created a culture where imperfection does not meet the threshold of beauty. If we don't have the money to make Kardashian like cuts to our bodies, we simply download an app that will help us achieve this unrealistic goal. Listen I freely confess that I've personally smoothed out the smile lines which look like a parenthesis around my full lips. This particular feature also happens to be an inherited trait from my maternal side of the family. If you have stretch marks, uneven skin, and cellulite - there's an app for that too! Our digitally enhanced culture doesn't stop there. We apply filters to our food and daily activities. We won't hesitate for a second in photo shopping Mother Nature. Think about that...photo-shopping sunsets to fit an idea of what a sunset should look like? When and where did the lines of reality become so blurred? What does it say about our collective spiritual, emotional and mental health that we dare not post an image that authentically reflects said subject. Why does the sunset in all of its glorious wonder need us to adjust its hues and saturation? Why do I erase my smile lines that are inextricably part of who I am? Who says if he decides to show his blemishes or that cut above his lip that people won't find his image appealing? I decided to write this article because I want us to begin to ask ourselves these important questions. I also hope we become more aware of how powerful our actions are when we start thinking and acting with full intention. Finally,what I’d really like to see is people waking up and remaining woke. Listen can any of us afford to be asleep at the wheel?


Veronica Lifestyle Guru

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