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Veronica May, CEO | Interior Designer | Lifestyle Architect | Image + Style Consultant, OHG Designs LLC

Crazy title for an Interior Design & Lifestyle Blog huh? As you know its impossible for me to view my work through a microcosm. As I was reading about the latest home decor and fashion trends I noticed an underlying theme throughout my perusal of the latest and greatest. I'm not referencing the obvious themes such as on-trend colors, finishes & design styles. No, what I noticed is a more amplified voice that’s anti-establishment, anti-status-quo and anti-tradition. I see it reflected in how creatives are viewing design and how design impacts a world outside of their targeted demographic markets. Then again perhaps they are responding to what their target demo is saying about what's important to them. Since art reflects culture and culture is reflected in art I am inclined to believe both schools of thought are true. It has been a push and pull between art/design & culture since the beginning of time. In my opinion the biggest trend right now is the dismantling of boxes and/or prevailing trends. I'm gonna call it right here - right now...revolutionary thought, ideas and solutions are the biggest trend! The full out rebellion against rules and systems can be seen everywhere from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to the Interior Design and Fashion shows in NYC. I can clearly see how social and political values have impacted what we create and how it's created. Long standing rules are not only questioned but more and more often they've been demolished. I've long believed that everything is connected. EVERYTHING. I am not making a judgement either way here regarding how revolutionary/rebellious thinking shows up in every aspect of our lives. I simply want you to understand as much as we try to wrap our lives up in a neat and tidy box or confine it to a particular tribe/group, everything will always remain connected. You could sooner empty the ocean with a teaspoon before changing that truth. So… the next time you notice or purchase a popular design or style trend, understand that creatively it was either influenced by culture values or it was in fact created to reshape and/or redefine culture values.

It’s time for us to start thinking wayyyyyy bigger beautiful people! ; )

Cheerfully yours,

Veronica Lifestyle Guru

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