• Veronica May


"Your brand should be a reflection of your beliefs and conviction" ~Veronica Lifestyle Guru

I don't think I can recall a day when people weren't talking about or referencing their brand. The concept of branding has altered the rules of engagement with just about everything one can think of. I have to be honest, I don't like to use the word brand when describing myself as it relates to my work. My hesistation was validated recently after seeing an interview with Oprah Winfrey where she confessed her reticence to accepting the brand concept. I think my reluctance stems from how I personally define what a brand means to me. My so called brand is merely an outward extension of the parts of my character, my gifts and my talents that I believe are germaine to delivering a high quality service experience.

I see my brand as an expression of my passion, my culture and my values. Nothing complicated here folks, just me comfortably living and growing in the skin that I'm in. If I may humbly offer some advice to those of you who are in the process of building your brand, just be yourself! Trust that your story is compelling and interesting enough to draw people in. Once you get their attention show them why the investment of their time was one of the smartest decsions they've ever made! The story begins with you...


Veronica Lifestyle Guru

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