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In today's blog post I’m sharing the items I always make sure to have in my daily survival bag. Because I love you guys soooo much, I've edited the number of items down to just an essential few. Here are a few things I ALWAYS, I DO MEAN ALWAYS have in my bag.

What is dry skin for five hundred Alex? Yep, your Lifestyle Guru suffers from chronic dry skin. My dry skin has me completely obsessed with infusing it with much needed moisture through consistent exfoiliation and saturation. Who wants to caress skin that feels like rough sand paper? Baby soft and smooth is much more pleasing to the touch right? When it comes to the parched eperdermis of my poor hands, I prefer

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. It instantly moisturizes my skin and leaves my hands looking and feeling silky smooth minus that yucky greasy/oily feeling.

Speaking of hands, my cuticles take a beating from constant hand washing throughout the day. This neccessary activity can dry out my cuticle causing unappealing and unsexy split edges. I found a remedy to that with my go to lip balm. C.O. BIGELOW Lavender Salve does wonders for this large pout of mine as well as doing wonders for my moisture depleted cuticles! A quick swipe before or after using my L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream makes my hand care complete.


Nothing can be more stimulating to my senses than smell. Smell or smelling good is very, very important. Correction, smelling good but not smelling like everyone else is super important! Lol. There are a few fragrances that I wear more often than others. Tom Ford, Black Orchid, Not a Perfume -JULIETTE HAS A GUN and COMMODITY are just a few. Of these three scents, COMMODITY in travel size can always be found in my bag. I love to mix my scents so look for two of these in my purse on any given day.

Finally, I LIVE for a beautiful red lip. Some people swear by the high-end brands but I've found my sweet spot with the perfect red lip tint in a popular drugstore brand. Maybelline's Matte Siren In Scarlet does it all for me. I can't overstate how much I love this lip color. I use a few others, but this pigment works extremely well on my skin tone.

Maybelline Siren In Scarlet

Although it's a matte formula, it doesn't dry out my lips as so many matte colors do. Well there you have it my friends! You just a got a sneak peak into what this Lifestyle Guru carries around inside of her bag. I've had boyfriends that haven't had that privilege! Hahaha. Bye for now.


Veronica Lifestyle Guru

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