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I love rainy days like today because I get an opportunity to catch up on the latest news trends related to design. As expected one of the timeless design trends I learned would still be with us in 2019 is the black and white trend. The use of contrasting colors in design can provide a fun punctuation/pop to any design story. Designers like myself also use it to play a predominate role in interior design and/or fashion style stories. Black and white is one of those contrasting color story themes that has proven to be a tried and true staple when creating a feeling of bold sophistication in a space. The visual contrast of black and white provides a sense of balance while sparking drama and interest.

This trend is often used in contemporary designs but certainly not limited to that particular aestethetic. In 2019 look for that black and white motif to be used along with natural elements to soften the modernity and sleekness these contrasting colors evokes. Copper, brass and more organic home decor accents will be used to soften and warm the cool sleekness while attempting to bring nature indoors.

The use of black and white definitely gives a fresh, clean and unquestionable sophistication to any room. I think black and white is a perfect color combination for any decorating style. The powerful visual impact of these colors together are one of the reasons why it will remain a timeless staple in design. Heads up, look for more Black + White in 2019!


Veronica, Philly's Favorite Lifestyle Guru

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