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PLEASURE: A feeling of happiness or satisfaction.

I decided to write about this topic because I found myself wondering what are the things in this world I truly find pleasure in? The first thing I did was look up the definition of pleasure. I know that seems kind of silly, but I found myself a bit unsure as to what it really means. We can easily go through our daily lives as if we're living in the matrix, going to work, taking care of family/responsibilities then back to work again. Sound familiar? We've been socially and culturally hardwired to respond and think within the confines of these widely accepted norms. How often do we take a moment to appreciate or even acknowledge the things in life we find pleasure in? If I'm being completely honest here, I had to really think about what are some of the things I find pleasurable? If you asked me what are some of the things that annoy me, I could sound off that list at lightning speed! This fairly simple questions had me momentarily perplexed. The question actually forced me to take a step back to examine exactly who, what, when and where I experienced pleasure.

What I soon discovered was, it’s the simple things in life that gave me the most pleasure. I immediately associated the feeling of pleasure with listening to the rain while curled up on my bed on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I can't number the mornings when I felt awashed with sheer pleasure as the sun cascaded through by bedroom window. The feeling of its warm rays on my face always makes me smile on the inside. I certainly couldn't compose this list without including people! Yes, people have brought pleasure to my life in so many ways. I've experienced it when someone has decided to entrust hidden pieces of themselves with me. That pleasure was only magnified when I felt comfortable enough to reciprocate. I've also experienced feelings of intoxicating pleasure while inhaling that amazing "baby smell" while holding a newborn, or watching them wrap their tiny little hands around my finger.

There's an unmistakeable beauty found in nature which brings me pleasure. Whenever I am touching, smelling and/or arranging flowers, I can get completely lost in a pleasure laden abyss. Then there's the heart racing, belly flipping pleasure I feel when the hand of someone I care about gently touches the small of my back as we’re walking along together. The pleausre of a first kiss or the first taste of a really great French Bordeaux swishing across my tongue. All of these experiences can send my pleasure meter into overdrive!

As a Lifestyle Designer, I believe a key ingredient to being a healthy and happy human requires us taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. If eating a slice of super rich chocolate cake from time to time, going to the spa or singing karaoke fills you with pleasure, then by all mean go for it. Whatever's on your particular pleasure menu, I want to strongly urge you to order it immediately! A healthy indulgence of what brings you pleasure should absolutely be written into your life story. Promotions, houses and stock portfolio won't bring lasting happiness and joy. I've discovered it's life's sweet pleasures both big and small that gives birth to our fondest memories. They also make this life a lot more fun!


Veronica, Philly's Favorite Lifestyle Guru

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