• Veronica May

How It Started. How It's Going...

Ok, it's been quite sometime since I've dedicated time and attention to writing anything! Like so many of you, I was living in a pandemic fog just trying to navigate in this scary weird alternative universe. In all honesty, my design business was struggling just before the world shut down and it got exponentially worse for the first few months into the lockdown. I actually entertained thoughts of going back to work in corporate. It wasn't just the financial struggles that weighed heavily on my spirit, it was also the forced isolation that was super tough on this self proclaimed introvert. Your favorite lifestyle guru became closely acquainted with my beloved Grandmother's often used saying, "robbing Peter to pay Paul" more than I would have liked!

Overall I would describe my 2020 more like one of those Russian Matryoshka dolls (seen left). My year was filled with lesson inside of lesson inside of lesson and so on. After getting through one life experience, lo and behold there was yet another situation popping up that required a whole new level of faith. Now under normal circumstances I've pretty much figured out how to roll with the punches but with COVID-19 in the ring it was a different story. There were numerous occassions that I was knocked mentally/emotionally back on my heels - and sometimes pinned against the ropes. Many of the lessons I learned during this time weren't as pleasant to receive as others but based on how things are going now, they too were good for me and OHG Designs. My will and determination has only gotten stronger. I am proud to say I'm a pretty tough broad (please my feminist sisters don't freak out on me lol).

Seriously, I'm extremely excited about where OHG will go next alongside my newly launched Home Decor and Lifestyle Goods store, LIFEVIBE COLLECTION BY OHG. The biggest lesson that I was fortunate enough to re-learn from 2020 was to stop thinking in terms of beginnings and endings, success and failure, acceptance and rejection. I have allowed myself to truly embrace it all as a necessary requirement for where ever this ride called life will lead me next.

I'm so happy to be back and I look forward to the next phase of our beautiful and stylish journey together!


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