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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Scandinavian Style
Doesn't this give you that warm and fuzzy feeling? ~Veronica

I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with the new kitchen trend I've seen percolating up through design. The pattern I am referring to is the return of warm wood cabinetry to the modern kitchen.

No, I'm not talking about the dark wood cabinetry of the '80s that filled our parents' kitchens. I'm referring to the kitchen trend showcasing beautifully warm, rich solid walnut cabinets. The looks include flat fronts with minimalist hardware and fantastic craftsmanship. These wood finishes within these design stories include highly skilled joinery and refined details. They can not be characterized by any means as rustic or traditional. The look offers a truly modern yet timeless style.

I believe what keeps this look from becoming too overbearing and oppressive is not using it for uppers in the design. The lack of uppers makes the space airy and light as well modernizing it further. I've noticed that in most of these design stories, the gorgeous wood in the lower cabinets actually anchors the room. Many of the designs feature a shelf for a bit of display or storage space. Sometimes there's nothing at all (which I really like) which accentuates a minimal more Scandinavian style

Some designs have stone or stainless steel counters while others continue with wood that features a backsplash or a clean wall.

While this look is more prevalent in a European context, I love seeing fellow American designers incorporating it into their design stories. I love how this style showcases the kitchen as the heart of the home. The warmth of the finishes offers a solid anchor to a functional space whose purpose provides nourishment to the mind, body, and soul. Can I just say... IT REALLY EXCITES ME!

Stay in style my darlings,


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